Our Fees


To get you up and running with minimal time and expense, We can provide you with a basic 5 page CMS website using Joomla CMS.  Your cost would be $150.00 CDN plus the cost of a hosting package. Usually around $6.00 - $8.00 US per month based on length of your hosting contract. Hosting would be provided by Siteground or if you already have a host provider then we would easily convert your current website into a Joomla CMS site. 

Any additional costs would be the installation of extensions that make your site more vibrant and dynamic.  These extensions could include image galleries, image rotators, content rotators. Most of the extensions are free and would only incur a charge of $25.00 CDN to install and configure.  The installation and configuration of some extensions such as higher end image galleries, Online merchant, Blogs, forums, etc need to be purchased from the developer for a minimal fee and would require a fee of $25.00/hr CDN to install and configure. For a extensive list of extensions available you can go to Joomla extensions site by clicking here.