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installing, configuring and designing the open source Content Management System  (CMS) Joomla - the award-winning and most powerful CMS on the planet!web

A CMS is used for managing websites through a simple web interface. They are widely used for their ease of use, so there is no web design experience necessary to update your own site. It's as easy as creating and saving a Word document. Joomla! provides RSS news feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, online business, photo gallery, and so many other possibilities.

Written with PHP for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets using a MySQL database. This is to allow extensions and integrations to be easily made. Extensions are background scripts that if enabled will extend a CMS with new functionality.

Whether it's for your local business, Public Service Organization or Sports Club we can create the best website to meet your needs.

We will design for you a Joomla based website using the most up to date version of Joomla, It can include but not limited to any number of extensions that add functionality and beauty to to your site.

For Example:

  • Newsletter
  • Events Calendars
  • Documents/File Repository
  • And Much Much more.


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In today world, online security is of the utmost importance to any business that is online. Our sites are gauranteed to be a safe as possible from unwanted intrusion. By keeping all of our software up to date, you can have peace of mind that your site will stay online and secure 100% of the time.

Online Shopping

online shopping


 Whether you have a store front or a home business and would like to increase your profits, an online shopping site can help you reach your financial goals

Web Galleries



 Web Galleries are great for showing off your artistic abilities.  Or you own an Auction House and need to show your clients your Antiques, Then a Web Gallery is what you need.




 No Point in having a website if nobody can find you. That's were we come in. Let us get your site noticed by ensuring that it is optimized for todays most advanced search engines.